We're proud to be an ethical and sustainable company.

Ethical Every Day

Treating our customers with care and respect is at the heart of everything we do – and it’s an approach that we extend to the world around us too.

We are working tirelessly to reduce our plastic usage and take great efforts to source produce and materials ethically and sustainably wherever we can. 

Net Zero commitment

We’ve made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint right down until we’re completely ‘net zero’.


With one of the strongest commitments of any UK company, we are aiming to achieve our target by 2040. There’s lots that need to happen to help us achieve out goal, but we have projects running across the business to get us there. 

Award winning 

We’ve won three prestigious Queen’s Awards over the years and currently hold the award for recognition of our commitment to sustainability. 

Sustainable Sourcing

We source all our ingredients with care, building relationships with suppliers who share our values, and treating them fairly. 

Beef – All our beef comes from British and Irish Farm assured suppliers* excludes corned beef. 

Fish – 100% of the fish we use is sustainably sourced (as specified by the Marine Conservation Society) 

Produce – All our peas and Bramley apples are 100% British 


More than 90% of our meals and desserts are made in our kitchens in Wiltshire, and we’re always bringing on new UK suppliers who have the right quality ingredients and the right approach to sustainability. 

Ethical Trading Initiative

We do, of course, source some of our ingredients from further afield, which is why becoming a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative was so important to us.

All our palm oil is certified sustainable by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) – ensuring as minimal impact on the environment as possible 

Packaging that doesn’t cost the earth 

This award recognises our commitment to conducting business in a way that impacts positively on the environment, society and the economy.

From being a member of leading organisations who make a real difference to the world around us, such as the UK Plastics Pact and the Ethical Trade Initiative, as well as supporting local communities and charities, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Collect and Recycle Scheme

In 2021 we launched our trailblazing Collect and Recycle scheme.

Unfortunately, much of the plastic that goes into kerbside recycling in the UK still ends up in landfill, often having being shipped abroad. Our collect and recycle scheme, where we take back clean trays directly from our customers, means that 100% of our trays are recycled here in the UK and are turned back into new Wiltshire Farm Foods trays.


We have already recycled more than 14 million trays and have no intention of stopping there. 

Real Living Wage Employer

We are an accredited real Living Wage employer and have been since 2016. Treating our team in the right way is important to us and the Real Living Wage is the only wage rate based on living costs, providing our team members and their families what they need to live.