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Ever wondered what it would be like to attend a Royal Garden Party? Here’s a sneak peak of the Royal summer party…

By Royal invitation

For the first time the King hosted the annual Royal Garden Parties sending out 30,000 personal invitations. Many invites went to people working in charities or for the public sector who have been nominated in recognition of their valuable service. Guests are even allowed to take a plus one!

Did you know?

The Queen holds four Garden Parties every year, three at Buckingham Palace and one at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

Dress is important

This is no relaxed affair, guests are advised to arrive to the occasion in morning dress, or in national uniform if appropriate. Certainly an occasion to shine the shoes!

Did you know?

Buckingham Palace has the largest private garden in London with a lake, a rose garden, herbaceous border and even a wildflower meadow!

Guests really do meet the Royal Family

The King ensures everyone has an equal opportunity to speak with members of the Royal Family personally – with each member present taking an organised route among the guests as they’re invited to roam the glorious palace gardens.

Did you know?

You should never touch the monarch, and
only shake his hand he she offers it first.

Tea and cake

Ever wondered what's on the Royal Garden Party Menu? It wouldn’t be a British garden party without a slice of Victoria sponge. Each of the King’s sumptuous afternoon spreads serves up around 27,000 cups of tea and 20,000 slices of cake, including miniature scones and strawberry tarts.

Did you know?

His Majesty’s favourite dessert is Fruit Cake, unlike his mother the late Queen Elizabeth II he is not a fan of chocolate!

Come rain or shine

A little spot of rain could never dampen a Royal occasion, although Her Majesty does admit the weather to be one of her greatest worries when it comes to her annual Garden Parties. In Her Majesty’s words:

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