Off Duty Driver - Go Wild

Off Duty Driver - Go Wild

Off Duty Driver - Go Wild

Added 2095 days ago. 26 July 2018

When Wiltshire Farm Foods driver Julie Campbell is off-duty, she may well be on the road to a wild camping adventure.

Four days a week, Julie Campbell is busy delivering meals to Wiltshire Farm Foods customers across Lincolnshire from our base in Hemswell, taking deliveries to the villages around Bourne, Spalding, Sutton Bridge, Woodall Spa and Grimsby.

But, when she’s off-duty, Julie is often still on the road but this time heading towards a wild camping adventure with her partner, Andy, and dog, Buster. 

It’s the simple pleasures of reconnecting with nature and stumbling upon a stunning scene which make wild camping such an enjoyable pastime for Julie.

“I used to go on camping trips where we’d end up having a shower under a hose. At the time it seemed quite barbaric, but in later life it makes you think that we don’t really need all the gadgets and gizmos of modern life, and
occasionally it’s nice to run away, make do and improvise.


“I love outdoor life and walking, and wild camping is a great way to see nature. We use an army stove and there’s nothing better than parking up, putting the kettle on and switching off from life.

“Once we pulled up in the dark and woke up overlooking Loch Lomond which was stunning. We walked down the lane and came across some gorgeous redhorned cows – the setting was so stunning it was a magical moment."

“Another time, we were on the north west coast of Scotland at Applecross and after an amazing walk we stopped at a rustic pub on the side of the loch and enjoyed a pint of beer and fresh prawns, it was so idyllic.”

Julie’s adventures are the perfect extension of her life on the road, delivering dishes to Wiltshire Farm Foods customers. “It’s nice to chat with customers and sometimes I’ll stop and make them a cup of tea or put the rubbish out for them, little things that help make a difference.”

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