The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Added 2281 days ago. 16 January 2018

It sounds obvious, but research confirms that spending time outdoors  has health benefits.

We've put together five simple ways to enjoy reconnecting with nature...

It’s time to head outside and get active

It really is good for your health!

It sounds obvious, but research confirms that spending time outdoors has health benefits, and the latest wellbeing trend being adopted from many Scandinavian countries is to reconnect with nature as a way to be mindful, reflective and calm.

Although we are familiar with the ‘winter blues’ and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which can affect some people’s energy levels, mood and ability to concentrate, a new term is nature deficit disorder (NDD). This is used to describe the effect on our health when we are ‘alienated’ from the outdoors, such as during the winter months. Although NDD is still being debated by health professionals, there is no doubt that being outdoors in the fresh air, with at least 15 minutes of sunshine to help boost our vitamin D levels, and being active can improve both our body and mind.

In a study, the mental health charity Mind surveyed 12,000 people and more than 75 per cent of them reported that they had experienced an improvement in their mood as a result of being outside. Ecotherapy, as the approach has been described, is free, easy-to-access and can make big changes to your wellbeing. So, what are you waiting for? Here are five simple ways to enjoy reconnecting with nature...

5 ways to explore nature’s gifts


Whether it’s a walk in the park with grandchildren or a ramble with a walking group, pull on your boots and fill your lungs with fresh air.


Gather friends or family and head to a green spot to enjoy a picnic. Include games, such as boules, and boost your activity levels too.


Whether you have a garden or not, it’s easy to grow cheerful flowers in a small container. Spend time outdoors every day, watering and tending to your blooms.


Take a day trip and discover a local attraction you’ve always meant to explore. Historic buildings also often have fabulous green spaces.


Why not join a local astronomy club and start star-spotting? It’s a fascinating hobby to enjoy.

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