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Sadly, it is a common occurrence for those in older age to experience feelings of loneliness. We've compiled some tips to try and help to combat loneliness in the elderly.

How many of us are affected by loneliness? 

Sadly, it is more common than you may think for people to feel alone in old age. With nearly half of people over 75 in the UK living on their own, it’s no surprise that many older people experience these feelings of loneliness.

Particularly during the past couple of years, loneliness is a feeling that has affected many of us. However, if you feel loneliness is having a continual negative impact on yours or a loved ones life then there are things you can do to help change this. We’d like to share some simple ways to help you in dealing with loneliness.


Impacts of loneliness

Loneliness or feeling isolated can affect both your physical and mental wellbeing.

What physical impact can loneliness have?

Feeling alone in old age can lead to a lack in confidence about leaving the house which, in turn, may limit the amount of fresh air and exercise a person gets. As well as impacting levels of exercise, studies show that the feeling of stress associated with loneliness can have a negative impact on blood pressure and can also lead to problems with sleep patterns.


How to combat loneliness

Dealing with loneliness can be difficult, particularly for those in older age. We have a couple of tips for you to use to try and help combat loneliness:

Support groups for older adults in person or online

It’s ok to tell someone you feel lonely so that they can offer a helping hand. There is lots of support for adults feeling alone in old age out there, you are not on your own.

And if you are struggling to get out of the house why not try a virtual group?

Making new friends 

Broadening your friendship group is a great way to help combat loneliness. Here are some easy tips for making new friends as you get older:

Staying in touch remotely

Digital technology is a great way to combat loneliness in the elderly, particularly when you're spending a lot more time at home. It’s an easy way to stay in touch and see family and friends without the need to travel.


How to tell someone you’re lonely

You may be feeling lonely, but remember that you are not on your own, many people experience feelings of being alone in older age. One first step to help combat feelings of loneliness is to let those around you know how you are feeling so they can help you to find new outlets and experiences.

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